Snagajob - How can a person get a job if nobody replies to your app.

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You know I can only speak for myself.I have register with several employment services and they e-mail me saying what jobs are open some you can fill out the application some you can't and what is so bad there is nobody's phone number.

Then, if I go to the companies the first thing they say is apply online.

So, tell me this what have happen to management are they really that busy not to even reply to a person on e-mail.What more can I say it's just not fair to new comers in town.

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That sounds very frustrating, I'm sorry to hear that.Right now, employers are still receiving hundreds of applications for every open position they have which makes it hard for them to see every person who applies.

It's not fair, I know.

Make sure your profile is the best it can be, add a cover letter, keep applying and keep your head up.Something will come along!


I agree completly I have been looking for a job for 4 months and all I do is apply online and never hear anything.

What happen to meeting people face to face and get an idea what the person is like.

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